Personalizing Interior Design For You! Most women (and a lot of guys, too!) have spent ample time flipping through the pages of home and lifestyle magazines or perusing Pinterest for home interior photo spreads. There’s just something captivating about looking at luxurious home interiors. These interiors are often gorgeous, and yet, I bet deep in your soul you felt that something was missing. The photo spreads are almost too perfect. Despite all the high-end furniture, luscious colors, and well-balanced fabrics, the place looks a little empty..

That’s because most homes decorated for a magazine don’t have that special touch of personality. They don’t have You. The biggest secret to great interior design is to add the owner’s unique personality into the mix. This is the foundation of my Lifestyle+Design process. I don’t just design for beauty or to fit some preconceived mold of what the perfect home is supposed to look like. I design for the lifestyle and personality of each and every client.

I think a great home design needs to include something quirky that the owners picked up on an overseas vacation, a family heirloom filled with memories, a quirky piece dug up from an antique shop, and other items that convey the sense that a living, breathing person occupies the home.

I encourage my clients to be just a little bit daring and put something in their home that truly expresses who they are – something their mother would never put in her home. These items give the home its own unique spirit and make it a safe and welcoming place to the homeowners. So, while I encourage you to keep flipping through magazines and browsing online to scoop up lots of great ideas, I hope you’ll realize that empty perfection isn’t the true goal of great interior design. The best interior design is vibrant, personal, and alive. It’s all about you!

To learn more about my interior design philosophy, please give me a call to schedule a consultation.