Notice how the fireplace immediately draws the eye.

If you’ve ever stepped into a cluttered room and weren’t sure where to look or how to take it all in, then it’s likely that the room did not contain a strong focal point. A focal point is that special something that draws your eye like a magnet. As you redesign your living room – a place where friends and family will gather often – begin thinking about what part of the room or what special possession you want to highlight and turn into the focal point of your room. Here are ten great ideas for a focal point in your living room:

1.       The Fireplace

The fireplace is a natural focal point in a living room, especially when flames are crackling and dancing. Help make your fireplace the focal point of your room by adding decorations on the mantel or even putting something unexpected in the fireplace, like candles, if you don’t plan on building a fire any time soon.

2.       A painting

If you are an art lover, then show off your favorite print or painting by putting it on the wall in the living room. To turn your painting into the focal point of your room, consider putting it over the mantel if you have a fireplace or otherwise putting it high above the ground so that it brings the eye up. Don’t distract with other paintings or decorations on the same wall. Also, make sure you choose a painting that has enough heft and size to really hold its own. A decorative frame and accent lighting can help highlight this focal point.

3.       A mirror

An ornately framed mirror adds beauty and polish to your room and also makes it look bigger. To add an interesting talking point, choose a mirror with a unique shape and an interesting frame that fits the overall design of your room.

4.       A sculpture

Wow your guests with a beautiful sculpture or collection of sculptures in your living room. Position them together so that the eye doesn’t jump around the room. Depending on the size, a sculpture may be able to stand in the center of a room, rest on a table, or sit on the mantel above the fireplace.

5.       The View

If you have a gorgeous view of mountains, the ocean, nature, or your own lush garden outside then show off your home’s desirable location. It is easy to make your room’s view its focal point as long as you don’t try to distract with too many other flashy items in the room. Make sure you add big picture windows so the eye can’t help put go right to them.

6.       A Clock

A large, antique grandfather clock, or a big modern clock above the mantel can serve as a great focal point to a living room. Time won’t fly away when you have a decorative and beautiful clock to keep track for you.

7.       Pottery

An ornate vase or large colored bowl can serve as a strong and pleasing focal point in a room. Consider choosing a piece of pottery with rich coloring and placing it with neutral-toned furniture to really make it stand out. A vase, bowl or other piece of pottery can sit on a coffee table or on a mantel. This can also be a cost-effective option that still adds a lot of beauty and flow to a room.

8.       Centerpiece

Get creative and build your own centerpiece to serve as the focal point of a room. Start with a glass, crystal or pewter bowl and then add in colored stones, wicker balls, colored knick-knacks, and more.  If you happen to be a devoted craftsman or craftswoman, this option is definitely for you. Find something that really sings to you and incorporate it into a unique centerpiece that will surely work as a perfect topic of conversation when you bring new people over.

9.       Flowers

Nothing makes a room feel more warm or welcoming than a bright bouquet of fresh flowers on the mantel or the coffee table. Even a few lilies in an interesting vase can work as a great focal point, especially in a minimalist décor. Flowers are a cost-effective focal point. Even though the lives of a particular bouquet are fleeting, a beautiful vase can last a lifetime and serve again and again as a great focal point.

10.   Personal Artifact

We all have special items in our lives that hold a very personal value. This could be a wedding portrait, a rug purchased on a life-changing trip overseas, a hard-won diploma, or an antique weapon that demonstrates your love of history. Whatever it is, if it holds great meaning to you, then let it stand as the focal point of your room (as long as your spouse allows it!). Put it in a beautiful frame, hang it on the wall, or put it front and center in some other manner. The best interior design reflects who you are and what you care about.

For help finding the perfect focal point for your living room or any room in your home, please give me a call. I can help your home reflect you!