After all the big, permanent stuff was in place, it was time for me to shine! The last phase of an interior design project is always my favorite – the soft goods installation and final reveal!

An installation is like a finely orchestrated symphony with each player completely dependent upon the next. My job is to implement a well thought out plan, attend to a myriad of details, and see the project through to the end.

Finally, we were at the place in the interior design process that I get super excited about. Amanda was given strict instructions to go spend a pampering day at the spa while back at home we were scurrying around like Santa’s elves! I had arranged for all the furniture that had been corralled in a warehouse to be delivered on this day. While Amanda relaxed, I hung draperies, laid rugs, placed and detailed furniture, hung art, and placed all of the beautiful accessories that would give her home a unique feel.

It was exhilarating, fun, and gratifying to install Amanda’s and Ricks home and to manage and surpass their expectations! Its the reason I do what I do. And, why I love and am passionate about my work!

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