There are certain corners of the country where creativity, vibrancy, and energy seem to gather together and infuse the local population…or perhaps people with these attributes feel drawn to these areas and bring their magic with them. Either way, West Hollywood is one of those places where brilliant design, bright ideas, and glowing personalities all congregate.

Pic of Beverly Hills, California

Road trip to Beverly Hills!

I consider myself to be very much an artist, even though my tools are fabric, flooring, and home finishes instead of paint, pastels, or clay. I think every artist needs to get out of his or her own head every once in a while, and go out exploring. I had the opportunity to do just that a few weeks ago.

Coming out of the BOLD Summit, I felt like a fire was lit underneath me. (Read about my adventures at the BOLD Summit.) I wanted to keep that flame burning, so I contacted one of the amazing personalities I met at the summit, Ernie Roth, and asked if I could have a “meeting of the minds” with him.

Ernie was gracious enough to agree, and so I soon found myself traveling up to West Hollywood to meet the famed interior designer and architect. To say that Ernie Roth is kind of a big deal in the design world is the understatement of the century. Ernie is the head honcho over at the Roth Design Group where he has spent the last few decades designing restaurants, apartment buildings, showrooms, and more. Oh, and he’s also served as the production designer on over a thousand national and international commercials.

Big deal, this guy.

Fred Segal Mauro Cafe in Los Angeles

When in Rome…or West Hollywood

Interior designer Beth Bynon and Ernie Roth  of Roth Design Group

Posing with the indomitable Ernie Roth.

Ernie and I met at the lovely Fred Segal Mauro Café in the heart of Hollywood, which is known for attracting A-list movie stars, directors, and fashion icons. Over plates of authentic Italian food, Ernie and I talked about the future of the interior design industry and on future collaborations. Ernie was a wealth of knowledge and willing to share his insights and perspective with me. I felt so fortunate to be able to “pick his brain” and get to know such a great guy.

Food served at Fred Segal Mauro Cafe

Delish food, great conversation at Fred Segal.

That lunch alone would have been enough to make the trip worth it, but I also took some time to soak in the sights of West Hollywood. I looked at the gorgeous homes and studied the designs of some of the hottest businesses in the world, including the incredible RRL Ricky Ralph Lauren store, which was converted from an old gas station. (I wish I could include pictures, but no pics aloud). West Hollywood is truly a hotbed of some of the best design talent living today. Many of the innovations they are trying today will eventually become the tomorrow’s most popular trends.

RRL Ricky Ralph Laurent store in Los Angeles

Snuck a photo of the RRL Ricky Ralph Lauren store.

This experience was incredibly refreshing for me. It felt like getting a second creative wind that will fuel me as I assist my own clients in creating their unique style. I can’t wait to funnel the energy and inspiration I felt on this interior design road trip into my next projects!

Again, a big thanks to Ernie Roth for the meeting of the minds!