Nourish Yourself And Your Family With A Kitchen Designed For You there any room in the home that rings with as much laughter, that fills with so many delicious scents, and that nourishes a family as much as the kitchen? This isn’t just a place to make food or wash dishes; a kitchen is a den of storytelling, creative culinary adventure, and hosting with the mosting.

A drab, small, worn out kitchen can dampen creativity or the urge to invite friends and family over to feast together. A Kitchen That Matches Your Values

My job as a Lifestyle Designer is to help you turn your drab kitchen into a place that supports your unique values. If you value family and friends, then you need a kitchen big enough so you can create fantastic meals and invite your friends in to help chop vegetables or mix cake batter. If your heart beats for environmental protection, I can help you pick out eco-friendly appliances so your kitchen becomes an energy-saving haven.

Whatever your personal needs, I can create a kitchen that matches the colors and patterns of your soul.

Kitchen Remodel and Redecoration Most kitchen interior design projects need more than just a new set of curtains. Often, it is time to pull down cabinets, switch out countertops, and bring in all new appliances. If you already have a remodeling contractor lined up to do the job, I can work with or even manage your chosen vendor. If you aren’t exactly sure what you want yet, I can bring in and oversee trusted sub-contractors when we agree on a kitchen redesign you love.

To learn more about the interior design process, and how I will approach your kitchen lifestyle redesign, please take a stroll through my Client Case Study.