If your refrigerator is decorated in sonograms of a growing kidney-shaped blur, then congratulations! Your life is about to change in a big, magical, and messy way. There’s a lot to prepare for when you’re expecting, but don’t forget to take a long look at your home and consider if an interior design update is in order. Just as your lives will be changing with the entrance of Baby, your home will need to change as well. Better tackle the project now when you have adequate sleep and energy than on the fly during the busy years down the road. Here are a few interior design changes to consider before Baby arrives: Simplify Your Home

A newborn demands a lot of attention and care, and as soon as the little tyke begins crawling, the real fun begins. During those first few years, you will probably lose many hours that you previously devoted to sleep, hobbies, and keeping your home in perfect order. If you have a high-maintenance interior design, now is the time to simplify. Consider getting rid of extra décor items that have to be regularly arranged or any items that need a lot of cleaning and nurturing. You want an interior design that will virtually “self-operate” so you can focus on more important things. That might mean investing in darker colored carpet or furniture that can hide a little dust and dirt until you have time to pull out the vacuum. Also, accept the fact that…Stains Are Going to Happen

Juice cups will fall. Dirty hands will grab the couch. Bodily functions may not always be caught by diapers. Finicky fabrics will not survive long with a baby in the house. Consider a durable, washable paint for the walls (for all the future crayon and marker graffiti) and furniture made with industrial fabric. These fabrics can hold up to lots of scrubbing and rough use (perfect for when your baby turns into an energetic toddler). You can also choose wood flooring and carpeting with stain resistant finishes, which makes messes much easier to clean up. One other thing to consider is that…

Babies Love Putting Things In Their Mouths Babies and toddlers want to touch, grasp, and put everything into their mouths. That’s how they begin learning about their world. Unfortunately, these mini-humans don’t know yet what is safe and what isn’t. If you have your grandmother’s elegant china plates on a low display shelf, Baby will want to grab them and pull them down. Toddlers may also pull down and tear up books, suck on chess pieces of a display set, or even grab onto curtains.

Part of your simplifying process should be to address all the décor and furniture parts that are vulnerable to pulling, tugging, chewing, and swallowing. If you need help redesigning your home for effortless style and baby safety, consider working with a professional interior designer. You’ve got a lot on your mind and a very important gift arriving soon. Let an interior designer help prepare your home.