Your values are the foundation of a personalized home design

What Are Your Values?

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is where you collapse for some down time after a long day at work, or you snuggle up with your partner for a movie during the weekend. It’s where your children engage in epic imaginary fights or sprawl on the floor to do homework. The living room also plays a big role when you have guests over, especially if you host game night, poker night, or the book club.

When I work with a new client on redecorating her living room, my first question is always the same. “What are your values?”

This may seem like an odd question, but it is the foundation of how you use your home and how your home can work for you. For instance, if value your friends and love to entertain, that value will play a big role in how your living room looks. We’ll want to make sure there are many places to sit, and that the furniture allows people to relax and engage with one another.

Additionally, if you value sophistication but just don’t have a lot of time for upkeep, we can work on a minimal design that will look great without requiring a lot of cleaning or adjusting.

Working the Room

After I understand your values, I will also take the footprint of the room into consideration as well as the needs of your family. If you have young children, for instance, I might suggest dark carpeting, commercial fabric for the drapes, and a sofa made with stain resistant fabric. I might also suggest a coffee table with rounded corners and sturdy accessories that won’t break if they fall.

The room itself will tell me its special needs. For instance, if your living room has three doorways, then you need to make sure the furniture allows a clear path to each doorway. You wouldn’t want guests or your family to have to crawl over furniture to leave the room, right!

Additionally, the size of the room will affect the size and placement of the furniture.

Your Life, Your Design

You may be surprised that I didn’t offer many specific living room furniture recommendations in this blog post. The reason is because I don’t know you yet, and I don’t know your house. Until I understand your unique values, the needs of you family, and the contours of your living room, any suggestions I make would just be guesses!

If you live in San Diego or Orange County and would like interior design guidance for your living room and home, please contact me to schedule a consultation.