Is it possible to feel boundless joy and unfettered hope while sitting in a tiny, cramped cubicle shoved in the corner of a dreary, windowless room?

Sure, but it’s not easy.

That’s because our environments have a huge impact on our psychological well-being. It would be hard not to feel depressed and uninspired in that tiny cubicle. We don’t have a lot of control over what our work environment looks like (unless you happen to own the business), the bus station, or any number of places we must visit during the day, but we do have control over our homes.

So why not decide to purposefully create a space that inspires you? Every room in your home has its own purpose, and you can make design choices that create the emotional environment you want to forward that purpose. Your home office is a place that needs to support focus, motivation, and creativity. Your kitchen needs to be warm, loving, and highly functional. The living room needs to be a place where you can truly relax and where your family and friends will feel comfortable gathering together.

I am currently in the process of redesigning the headquarters of Eldorado Stone, a company that provides a wide variety of luxury stone finishes here in North County, San Diego. Eldorado Stone wanted a unique look that stayed true to their vision of a timeless, elegant, and beautiful product. My goal is to deliver an open and expansive industrial design that incorporates the company’s amazing stone showcases. To do this, I have utilized a mix of reclaimed materials to add a feeling of age and weight along with industrial punk fixtures. The result is a warehouse look that combines a feeling of industry with a range of other styles, from earthy to polished.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to create environments that inspire. Here’s how:

1. Define the purpose of the room. What are the primary emotions you want to evoke when you are in the room? Is this a room for creativity, relaxation, fun, or passion? Once you have your main emotion in mind, you’ll want to make sure every choice you make helps support this purpose.
2. Pick out colors. Colors have such a powerful ability to change our mood. Bright colors help inspire passion, energy, and playfulness, while cooler colors help us to relax and decompress from the day. Choose two or three primary colors for the room. Usually, you’ll want a more neutral base and a bright or dark accent to catch the eye.
3. Choose lighting. Lighting also changes the mood of a room. Bright, natural sunlight is invigorating, while low, or dim lights can help you relax and unwind.
4. Time for a theme or style. If it is right for you, pick a theme for the room (such as a nautical theme) and make sure all of the furniture and decorations help support it. You may also want to choose a specific design style like contemporary or modern, or a decorative theme.
5. Furniture and décor. Keep your goal in mind. Make sure every piece of furniture and all of your accent decorations support the purpose and emotion of your room.

When you design a room with a specific focus, you can create a place that inspires you each and every day. If you need help creating a room, a home, or a business in San Diego that inspires, contact me to schedule a consultation.