Rick & Amandas Kitchen 2013

On a big interior design project like this one for Amanda and Rick, quite a lot of hard good installations, are required. An installation is like a finely orchestrated symphony with each player completely dependent upon the next. My job is to implement a well thought out plan, attend to a myriad of details, and see the project through to the end.

Once construction was completed for Amanda and Rick’s kitchen and the jobsite was cleaned and detailed, the installation of the hard goods was ready to begin. The timing of each ingredient was crucial. First, we installed the cabinets, then the counters, next the backsplash, then the sink and the plumbing fixtures. It required planning and coordination with everyone involved. And frankly, no two installations are ever the same. Reality Check: A project can be singing along and then it appears nothing is moving forward. When in reality and behind the scenes, an unexpected delay may have popped up, such as a shipping delay in the cabinets you selected.

Think about the cascading impact this could have with your project. Without the cabinets, you cannot start fabrication of the counters. And, without the counters, you cannot install the backsplash and so on! Moreover, wrangling sub-contractors is like herding cats. With each of the sub having a mind of their own and a set of their own personal priorities. Unfortunately, this is normal. Yes, normal. Take a deep breath and repeat after me “This is normal, it is not HGTV”. In the case of Amanda and Rick, had I not managed their expectations about potential and typical roadblocks from the onset, their anxiety may have skyrocketed.

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