A lot of wood from the United States is now grown in sustainable commercial forests, but there is also tons of beautiful wood that ends up in our landfills every day. There’s no need for all this lovely and completely functional material to go to waste! Reclaimed wood is a hot new commodity in the interior designer circles, and you should consider it for your home too!

Reclaimed wood can give your home tons of personality. Every beam has its own unique character, with distress marks, edges, and coloring that can’t be mass produced. Instead, your reclaimed wood will make your home one-of-a-kind.

Reclaimed wood can be used in all sorts of different fashions in your home. If you’ve always dreamed of wooden floors, then consider reclaimed wood. You can also give your home a rustic feel by adding wood beams to your ceiling. You can even make counters, a dining room table, or shelves out of reclaimed wood. Heck, why not use the leftover scraps to make some cool picture frames?

Wood always adds a lot of warmth to a home. It seems to attract sunlight and give you a touch of the beautiful outdoors even when you are sitting on your couch in air conditioned bliss. Reclaimed wood also gives your home a comfy, lived-in feel where it’s okay to touch the walls and flop into an easy chair to read an old book.

When you choose reclaimed wood, you are saving a perfectly good resource and giving it a second life. Instead of taking new trees from the ground, you can re-use what’s already available with just as good results. The difference in each piece of wood creates its own splendor that you can feel good about. There’s also a certain pride that comes with scrounging something forgotten and discovering the true beauty inside of it.

I am currently working on a very exciting project to redesign the corporate headquarters of Eldorado Stone in San Marcos, CA. The owners want to create an industrial loft sort of feel with concrete floors, exposed wood trusses, exposed ducting, roll-up large doors, plant walls, etc. My conceptual design for this project proposes a reception desk and wall made from reclaimed wood, reclaimed wood accent walls in the executive offices, a restaurant/ bar style lunchroom with an island made from reclaimed wood, and bathroom vanities made from, you guessed it, reclaimed wood!

Showcase your reclaimed wood treasures and add some great character to your home or office! If you need help integrating reclaimed wood or other reclaimed material into your home or business, like bricks or stone, contact me for a consultation.