invoice-cybrgrl1-590x328Things really begin to pick up at this phase of the project. Being the point person, Amanda became the person whom I communicated with daily. I was communicating with a variety of contractors, Amanda and I we’re picking out furniture, and making crucial decisions to keep the project moving. Amanda and Rick were presented with proposals from each independent contractor and for many of the goods they decided on.

These proposals fell into the categories of “hard goods” and “soft goods”. Hard goods are typically handled by a remodeling contractor and refer to large installations, like cabinets and counters for the kitchen. Soft goods, are the accent pieces, like curtains, fabrics, paintings, and small furniture items.

Amanda and Rick carefully reviewed each proposal, approved them, and put down any needed deposits. Amanda and Rick were smart about their decisions. Amanda kept her cool, and made sure she understood exactly what she and her husband were paying for before putting down any deposits. Now it was time to actually purchase and procure the materials.

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