Now, the real work began. And, if there is ever a time I am thankful for my slight case of OCD, it is during the purchasing phase of the project!

I began the process by writing purchase orders to all our vendors. At this time I reviewed all of Amanda and Rick’s selections for correct scale, balance, and proportion. I checked and double-checked all the order information for accuracy and confirmed lead times and prices. In many cases, I find out that something, such as a specific type of tile, is back-ordered or discontinued. When


this happens, I need to work with my client to make a new choice.
Once the confirmation process was complete for the couple’s materials, I arranged crating, shipping and delivery. I made phone calls—many phone calls—to ensure receipt of the materials, clarity of directions, and completion as agreed. The design is only as good as the product delivered, and my job is to make sure the highest level of quality is delivered in the most reasonable amount of time. My firm managed all ordering and expediting for Amanda and Rick. We communicated with all vendors regarding specifications, ordering, expediting, quality inspections, coordination, delivery, and financials.

Interior Design Tip: It has been my experience that there are always 3 competing influences on any design project: time + quality + funds. You can generally achieve excellence in two areas, but rarely three. To execute a high quality project in a short amount of time will usually cost a little extra. A high quality + cost-efficient project will probably take a little longer time. And a quick and inexpensive project will most likely result in quality compromises.

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