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BETH BYNON EMBARKS ON A JOURNEY AS HER OWN CLIENT and unveils the process involved in creating her signature lifestyle design.

After years of dreaming about making some really big changes to my home the time was finally right to proceed. As with many of my clients the biggest decision facing me was to decide which design-style best captured the lifestyle I desired. I understood that having a home that was beautiful, even incredibly beautiful, couldn’t guarantee it would be livable and really feel like “home”. So I decided to counsel myself the way I would with one of my clients.

I asked myself “What do you value most in life?” The answer to that question served as my guide for all my design choices.

I’m a down to earth girl who could happily live a simple life in the country with my dogs and horses. I highly value my freedom, so it is important to me that my choices don’t infringe on my lifestyle. I don’t want to be tied down to a home that requires excessive maintenance. I want my home to be pet friendly. I want a home that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I want my friends to be relaxed and comfortable when they visit and know that a spilled drink isn’t a tragedy.

I greatly value conversation, especially the deep heart felt conversation you have with a few lifelong friends while you’re sharing a great bottle of Cabernet or an intense and rich cup of coffee. And I value my time alone when I can relax and find that place of peace and quiet that tells me that I am truly home.

When I put this all together the result is a home style that I call MODERN FARMHOUSE. My home is relaxing AND elegant, with layers that unfold gently and create a classic “looks like it’s always been there” feel. I just LOVE my home.

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