A Home That Expresses Who You Are

After many years of dreaming about making some big changes to your home, the time is finally right. If you’re considering using a professional interior designer, let me show you the process behind my signature lifestyle design. The following pages will take you through the case study of my clients Rick and Amanda.

The interior design process begins and ends with you. Consider me your muse, pulling your ideas out into the light and building your values into a design concept that will turn your house into your unique and comforting abode. Every step of the way, I am there, asking questions, making suggestions, putting in orders, checking shipments, and giving you a play-by-play of how work is progressing.

For you, this can be a fun process, filled with creativity and delight as you watch your home come together. If it seems like a lot of work, know that I am here to take the time-consuming burdens off your shoulders. While the vision of your home springs from you, I will make it a reality.

Its important to remember that many others have felt the same way before they picked up the phone and made the call. Two of those people were Amanda and her husband, Rick. When Amanda first called me, she knew she wanted a change – their home just wasn’t “them”, she told me. Together, let’s take a quick look at Amanda and Rick’s lifestyle design project from beginning to end. As we walk through each of the steps, imagine Amanda’s home as your own. The basic steps are similar with each project, though the result will be as unique as you.

My hope is that Amanda and Rick’s story will give you insight into the interior design process and how I apply the principles of lifestyle design when I work with a client. Let’s go and meet Amanda and Rick!   CLICK HERE