Full Service Design

processAttention to detail is the hallmark of Beth Bynon Interior Designs’ full service interior design projects.  A full service design project consists of a single room, a group of rooms, or an entire house.  The investment of each project consists of a flat design fee, based on the size and type of room(s), with execution of the design concept charged at an hourly rate.  Professional services rendered during the course of a project generally include conceptual design, concept presentation, design development, scheduling, ordering, and installation.

The Beth Bynon team is able to plan, manage, and deliver a carefully timed finished project…down to the final details. Budgets will be managed, contractors are coordinated, merchandise is readied for delivery, and on-site design decisions are made throughout the process.

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Our process is collaborative, and we work with our clients not only to accompany us but to guide us toward our intentional goal—a setting that reflects the values, sensibilities, lifestyle and intelligence of the people who inhabit it.

Optional Consultation Services

Designer For A Day
This package is best suited for projects that require only a day of design focus.  Beth works one-on-one with you up to four hours on any project of your choosing.  Typically, the time is used to ask Beth questions, select paint colors, and shop online for furniture and accessories to decorate your home.  With a 9 am to 2 pm schedule and a one-hour lunch included, you will benefit from Beth’s personal attention and expertise. After the day, you will receive a customized action item checklist and summary of Beth’s recommendations.
Kitchen Remodel & Renovation
One of the best investments you can make for your home. The ultimate gathering place where a house truly becomes a home. Click here to learn more.
Bath Remodel & Renovation
Ask any real estate professional and one of the best return on investments is remodeling or renovating a bath. The value is immediate and the results make a significant impact on the quality of your home. Click Here to learn more.

The luxury of a well appointed home: Shaping the lifestyles of today’s tastemakers. Regardless of the influence or inspiration, Beth Bynon Interior Design continues to work with concepts that are timeless and reinterprets them for today

Because of my former career as a psychotherapist, I have developed a deep understanding of people and the unique core values within each of us that need to be taken into consideration when making decisions as important as creating a home environment that is reflective of our lives both internally and externally.

I understand that my client knows who they are.  They’re intentional about their business and wants a home to be just as intentional.  They understands the value of good design and knows it is essential to living well. They wants to live her life well and knows that part of living well is having a home that reflects their extraordinary life. Beauty holds my world together; it fulfills a need in my soul. It is the inspiration for life and for my work.

Beth Bynon Interior Design offers intimate and exclusive experiences designing stylish lives. My client wants to be COMFORTABLE at home with deep emotions that motivate them to live well at home connecting with relationships (at home), taking care of themselves (at home), and enjoying individual style (at home).
My value proposition is rooted not only in their money, but in their time. They value “being” more over “having” more. Been there, done that! They wants to “BE” MORE! They wants the full picture, career, family, fun, and a home up to par with their sense of self.

All the beloved activities of making a house into a home concern me. I understand that the reason we care so deeply about the color on our walls or the texture in our fabrics or the pattern on our carpets is that these are all expressions of that soul grounding activity : creating a place that nurtures us and our loved ones, a retreat that keeps us safe and strong and readies us to meet the world’s demands.

I put as much heart as mind into my work, which has a timeless rather than trendy quality. When I think about what moves me most in my life, it is beauty.