Feeling a little stressed yet?

Feeling a little stressed yet?

Want to know an easy way to drive yourself completely bonkers? Take your spouse over to the nearest Home Depot or Lowes, locate the paint department and try to pick out a new color for the bedroom walls. Two hours and seventy different shades of eggshell later, you’ll understand why decorating a home can seem like a monumental undertaking. (And you haven’t even gotten to the entire aisle of doorknobs yet!).

Do not despair! You can successfully decorate your home without descending into madness, I promise! Here are five easy tips to stay sane when decorating your home:

Plan, plan, plan!

The fastest way into a design-induced straightjacket is to walk into Home Depot without a plan. You’ll either be paralyzed by too many choices, or you’ll be dragging eight carts out to the parking lot when you only meant to spruce up the kitchen with a few new hand towels. Before you set foot into a store, decide on the scope of your project. For instance, if you want to “spruce up the kitchen”, does that mean re-staining the cabinets, picking out new dining room chairs and adding a fresh coat of paint on the walls? Or, does it mean replacing all of your appliances, hiring a remodeling team to add a breakfast nook, and putting in granite countertops? See, big difference!


It’s never a good idea to take out your credit card without a budget in mind, especially when it comes to upgrading your home. It’s really easy to fall in love over and over again as you shop around for appliances, cabinets, knobs and all the other accessories you need. Keep in mind that it won’t matter how beautiful your home is if you can’t afford the mortgage. Give yourself an overall budget and then budget for individual parts of the project. Depending on the size of the project, you’ll want a budget for furniture, flooring, wall art, lighting, accessories, etc…

Look Before You Leap

Look for ideas and inspiration for your space before buying. We live in an amazing time where it’s so easy to share information and gain inspiration from others. The Internet is filled with free design ideas. I encourage you check out design blogs, review the online archives of home magazines and spend some time on Pinterest. Find design schemes that speak to you. Pick and choose as different elements to create something completely unique and amazing! When you gather ideas before you start buying, the process will be faster, smoother and less overwhelming.

Be Flexible

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – the paint doesn’t always look the same shade on your wall as it does on the label of the can. Interior design is all about planning…and then reworking the plan as you go. Little bumps always present themselves, whether you lose a screw to the bookshelf, the last tile doesn’t fit quite right, or you suddenly hate the throw you adored yesterday. These little things could turn into landmines if you expect perfection. Instead, approach interior design with the assumption that some things will go wrong, and you’ll be better able to handle issues when they arise.

Consider Hiring an Interior Designer

The easiest way to stay sane when decorating your home is to hire an interior designer. We embrace the madness of designing on your behalf and help you with all the things I mentioned above – making a plan, creating a budget, filling in the specifics of the plan and getting over any hurdles that pop up along the way. We are your personal muse, taking your wishes and turning them into a beautiful room or full house design that tells your story. If even the thought of comparing paint swatches has you breaking out into a cold sweat, then it’s time to call an interior designer. If you live in San Diego or Los Angeles, I’d be happy to help you create a beautiful home that you will love to live in. Contact me or give me a call at (760) 277-7442.