An interior designer can make every room in your home fit your unique personality and style

An interior designer can make every room in your home fit your unique personality and style

How hard can it be to decorate a home? Ah, famous last words. If you think you can pick out a few throw pillows, put a ceramic duck on a shelf and call it a day, then you have a pretty big surprise coming. Designing a home, even just a single room, is hard and time-consuming! Even if you know what you want the room to look like, there are a usually a lot of challenges between the perfect, beautiful vision inside your head and the reality that you face as you stand in your living room.

Many homeowners feel overwhelmed at the prospect of creating an elegant and comfortable home that speaks to their own unique style. They may not have the time, the knowledge, the confidence or the desire to take on such a big project on their own. For all of you, here are five reasons why it might be a good idea to hire an interior designer:

1.       Idea Generation and Translation

Clients usually fall into one of two categories. They are either struggling to figure out what they want to do with their home, design-wise, or they have a grand vision in mind but need help translating it into a practical design plan. Interior designers can help in both of these circumstances. Your interior designer is an expert worthy of your trust. We don’t just pick out paint colors or announce that a specific end table is “speaking to me!” We listen, observe and identify your taste and the functional needs of your home. We are also great translators. If you want a winter paradise of white, or a zany room of color and imagination, we’ll help you piece together all the features to make the design a reality.

When you work with an interior designer, you should always feel like you are in expert and caring hands.

2.       We Save You Time

Successful professionals have put in the hard work, and their reward is the financial means to afford a beautiful home (or homes) and fill it with top-of-the-line furniture and accessories. For these busy entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors and executives, their true luxury is time to spend with friends, family members or even alone in peaceful contemplation.

Designing a room or a whole home is a big project that requires a lot of planning, execution and time. If you have little time to spare, an interior designer can help protect your most precious asset. We will work with you to develop a plan of action and then take it from there, making drives to different vendors, ordering the materials and seeing that your voice and style are realized in the design of your home.

3.       Knowledge and Guidance

If you haven’t been exposed to a lot of different design schemes, you might be limiting yourself without even knowing it. Part of an interior designer’s job is to educate clients and expose them to different ideas. This does not mean ignoring their requests or reworking all the plans to fit the designer’s personal preferences. It means giving the clients additional options and opportunities. For instance, I might learn that a client loves to read and suggest adding a window seat in the bedroom. This way, the client can curl up in a puddle of sunshine and sail away with a good book. The client might not have necessarily seen the same opportunity. Interior designers are also fountains of information. We can provide information on different color combinations, how fabrics interact, adding high and low visual elements in a room and all sorts of other things that a novice designer might not consider.

4.       Referrals

It’s common for larger interior design projects to require some remodeling. You may want to knock down a wall between two rooms, build a kitchen island or even turn part of the pantry into a wine alcove. We interior designers aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty, but our skill set is limited. If sledge hammers are required, we usually prefer to call in some experts. Your interior designer can provide you with referrals to quality remodeling contractors in your area. We all work with remodelers on a regular basis and know who the best people are. Some designers may even help oversee the remodeling project, or handle communication on your behalf.

5. Amazing Results!

Most importantly, an interior designer can help you create a beautiful and comfortable home environment that will have a substantial positive impact on your life. We will help make your home gorgeous and more livable. What I mean by that is that we can help discern how each room functions and enhance that functionality. Our job is to help your house truly become your home in every aspect of the term while limiting your stress and time demands throughout the design process.

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