Wow your eyes with a captivating focal point in every room.

Wow your eyes with a captivating focal point in every room.

Have you ever walked into a room filled with knick-knacks on every shelf, pictures nailed over every inch of the walls and loud-colored furniture? I bet you felt a little overwhelmed or bowled over by all the different visual stimuli competing for your attention.

In art class, you probably learned about a concept called a “focal point”. It’s the object or space within a painting or drawing an artist wants to lead the eye. In some paintings, the focal point is obvious. A painting of a red apple will draw your eye right to the crimson fruit. In other cases, the focal point is more subtle. The way the artist has drawn the lines will lead your gaze through a crowd of people to land on one special individual.

When decorating your home, you are the artist, and it is your job to guide the eyes of guests or even yourself (since you will be entering each room often). Resist the temptation to splash the room with lots of loud, large objects (unless that is your personal style). Decorating doesn’t mean you need to fill every space or dump a lot of expensive items into a room. Often, less is more. If you add one or two strong visual pieces, your guests will have the space to really connect with and appreciate the pieces.

One method of designing a room is to choose one vibrant, captivating focal point. This can be anything. Maybe it is a stunning painting over the fireplace or a wall painted in a rich sapphire hue. Maybe it is an ivory furniture set surrounded by dark, chestnut accents. A focal point can be anything with a unique color, shape, image or size.

Here are a few select rooms I’ve decorated. Can you see one or two major focal points?










When designing around a focal point, the key is to establish the dominance of the objects in the room. You don’t want to put up two big portraits that will compete with each other for attention. Instead, consider choosing one large portrait and maybe a small and intricate vase for the coffee table. Eyes will land on the portrait first (ohhhs and ahhhs) and then wander to the vase (more ohhhhs and ahhhhs). The two objects are different in size, color and location and therefore complement rather than compete with each other.

The benefit of designing with focal points in mind is that you can create a very dramatic and stylish room with only a few select major pieces. It also helps a room feel open and inviting instead of cluttered or too busy.

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