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Is Your Family About To Expand? How To Update Your Interior Design For Baby!

If your refrigerator is decorated in sonograms of a growing kidney-shaped blur, then congratulations! Your life is about to change in a big, magical, and messy way. There’s a lot to prepare for when you’re expecting, but don’t forget to take a long look at your home and consider if an interior design update is in order. Just as your lives will be changing with the entrance of Baby, your home will need to change as well. Better tackle the project now when you have adequate sleep and energy than on the fly during the busy years down the road. Here are a few interior design changes to consider before Baby arrives: Simplify Your Home

A newborn demands a lot of attention and care, and as soon as the little tyke begins crawling, the real fun begins. During those first few years, you will probably lose many hours that you previously devoted to sleep, hobbies, and keeping your home in perfect order. If you have a high-maintenance interior design, now is the time to simplify. Consider getting rid of extra décor items that have to be regularly arranged or any items that need a lot of cleaning and nurturing. You want an interior design that will virtually “self-operate” so you can focus on more important things. That might mean investing in darker colored carpet or furniture that can hide a little dust and dirt until you have time to pull out the vacuum. Also, accept the fact that…Stains Are Going to Happen

Juice cups will fall. Dirty hands will grab the couch. Bodily functions may not always be caught by diapers. Finicky fabrics will not survive long with a baby in the house. Consider a durable, [...]

Five Reasons Your Home Needs A Redesign

You love your home, but something just doesn’t feel right. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you feel dissatisfied with the way your home looks. A part of you wants to rush out to the Home Depot, buy a bucket of paint (any color will do), and splash it on the walls just for something new.

You, my friend, are in serious need of a home interior redesign. This sudden itch for something new can have a variety of causes. Here are the most common reasons homeowners need a redesign:

Lack of Flow and Purpose

If you have never felt the design muse gift you with inspiration, you are not alone. Many homeowners decorate their home without a grand design vision or a cohesive style. They decorate haphazardly, like putting your favorite shirt, jeans, and shoes – without considering whether any single piece matches the other.

This approach will almost always lead to a style that lacks flow and purpose. Don’t feel bad if your house lacks flow. Most new homeowners struggle with this issue. If you need help defining your personal style, or simply don’t have the time or inclination, consider hiring a professional interior designer.

Boring Design  / Old Design

It’s easy to simply get bored with the way your home looks, especially if you haven’t changed anything in years. I suggest redesigning a room with timeless elements that won’t go out of style. Simple is better. When you start to feel bored with the way your room looks, change out the accessories, like faucets on the sinks, knobs on the cabinet, or artwork on the wall. These items usually don’t cost a lot, but they can quickly give your room a whole new look!

Changes [...]

Interior Design Tips For A Home With Small Children

Your children may have perpetually sticky fingers, leave Leggos on the stairs, and decide to decorate your walls…with permanent markers, but you love them like nothing else. We all know the stereotype of the hassled parents with the messy, stained, and destroyed home. That doesn’t have to be you! In fact, you can still have a beautiful and stylish home, even if you have a few rug rats under your roof. Great interior design accommodates your lifestyle and your family, which means your children too! Here are five great interior design tips for parents.

Use Commercial Fabrics

Commercial fabrics have come a long way from the thin and uncomfortable sheets you might have felt in the hospital or a low-cost hotel. Today’s commercial fabrics are beautiful, comfortable, and – best of all – practically bulletproof. These fabrics can withstand sun, stains, and lots of washings and still look great.

Incorporate Storage Into Your Design

Kids and clutter go together like peanut butter and jelly. On any given day, you could come home to a living room floor covered in coloring books, blocks, or a half-finished tea party. For parents who like to entertain or simply want a quick and easy way to clean the house, I recommend incorporating storage into the major activity rooms of your home, which usually includes the living room and your child’s bedroom. This may mean adding decorative chests to the room, sneaking pull-out drawers under the bed, adding a hollow ottoman to the furniture set or even building storage pieces into the room.

Limit Sharp Angles and Breakables

Children run. Children fall down. Children bang into things. This is life as a parent. You can’t always stop your little “superhero” from diving off the couch [...]

Interior Design Tips For Dog Owners

What’s furry, loves to give you kisses, and would be happy to chase a ball and bring it back forever? That’s right, your adorable and precious dog!

Dogs bring a lot of joy and love to their households, but they can also accidentally cause damage or ruin expensive decorative pieces. How many times has your dog come in from the yard and jumped right onto your expensive sofa? Or how about the swishy tail of doom that can knock books off the shelf? I’ve actually met homeowners who want to redecorate their home but are afraid they can’t have nice things with dogs in the family.

Dogs and a beautiful, stylish home are not mutually exclusive. Trust me, I have two canines of my own! You just need to design the interior of your home with your dog in mind. Below are a few tips I use when designing and decorating the homes of dog owners. I realize that dogs come in many shapes and sizes, and each has a unique personality. These tips are just general guidelines, and they may not all pertain to your specific cuddly canine.

Invest In Stain Resistant Furniture and Carpeting

Dogs that spend time in the yard get dirty. They may decide that today is the day to dig that hole to China or to indulge in a skin exfoliating mud bath. As soon as they come in, they’ll want to run all over your house leaving muddy paw prints in their wake. Life with a dog means mud stains. If you have a puppy, get ready for waste and urine stains. Other dogs, especially older dogs, can have sensitive stomachs and may occasionally vomit.

Accept that stains will happen, and limit the [...]