A Short and Sweet Guide to Choosing the Right Light for Your Home

When it comes time to build a new home or remodel your existing home, it’s easy to forget just how important lighting is to the overall effect of each room. You may spend hours choosing between ten different shades of eggshell paint or flipping through dozens of cabinetry catalogues, but the colors of your walls and the warm accents of your cabinets could be lost in the shadows if you don’t choose the right light.

Great lighting sets the mood of a room, sculpting the shadows, and guiding the eye exactly where you want it to go. Lighting also improves the functionality of the room, for example, making it easy and enjoyable to read books in the library or relax in the living room.

With so much power to help or harm your overall design scheme, lighting needs to be considered carefully. Here are some expert interior design tips when choosing the right light for your home.

Determine the Room’s Function                                                                                                            

A room’s lighting should serve the purpose of the room. You probably don’t want bright flood lights in your bedroom, but you do want brighter lights in the kitchen where you will be chopping vegetables, measuring cups of sugar, and mixing up a batch of your famous brownies. The first step in choosing your lighting is to determine the function of each room. Will you be watching a lot of television in the living room, working on crafts in the upstairs office, relaxing in a warm bubble bath in the bathroom? Choose lighting that can support these activities. For example, you’ll want to make sure the lighting in the living room don’t reflect or wash out the television. You may also want to add task lighting [...]

How Design Can Create Mood In Your Home

Décor has an incredible ability to affect a person’s mood. If you don’t believe me, head down to the nearest high-end spa and sit in the waiting room for a few minutes. You’ll immediately feel nourished by the soft pastel colors around you. The nature sounds wafting from the speakers will put you at ease, while your eyes will rest lovingly on a peaceful fountain in the center of the room. Ahhhh, I can feel the knots in my shoulders loosening already.

When it’s time to decorate or redecorate your home, give some thought to the mood you want the room to ignite. Maybe you want your living area to be cheerful or peaceful or warm. Perhaps your office should be soothing…no, no, lively and energetic instead. Should your bedroom be comfortable, sensual or maybe a little bit of both?

The mood you want to create will determine many different aspects of the room, including:


Colors have a well-researched ability to inspire moods and emotions in humans. Warm colors, like yellow, red and orange, call to mind energy, friendship and passion. You might want to consider warm colors as accents in an office or exercise room where you want to turn the energy up. Cooler colors, like blues, purples and greens, are soothing and relaxing. These are great accents for a bedroom or a bathroom. After a hard day of work, you’ll love resting your eyes on soft shades of turquoise or olive as you sink into a toe-curling bubble bath.


Ever wonder why so many restaurants dim their lights? Soft lighting helps inspire feelings of intimacy and relaxation that make the dining experience a little more special. When you compare this with the harsh institutional lighting of, [...]