Five Tips To Choosing The Right Finishes In Your Remodeled Home

As an interior designer, one of my favorite parts of the design process is sitting down with a client and helping them pick out the different finishes for their kitchen, bath, or full home remodel. Sometimes it can be like letting a kid loose into a candy store. In other instance, a client may feel a little stressed. If you’ve ever walked through a Home Depot and looked at a seemingly endless row of door knobs, you can understand how making a decision on all the different finishes of a room or a home can feel overwhelming. During a remodel, a homeowner may have to choose dozens of different finishes, including doors, molding, flooring, lighting, cabinets, countertops, appliance…and even doorknobs. The homeowner has thousands of different options to choose from in every category.

So, how can you be the happy kid in a candy store and make the right finishing decisions? Here are five tips to help you pick the perfect home remodel finishes:

1.       Start With A Plan

Your finishes don’t just exist in a void. In a well-designed home, every finish contributes to a larger design scheme. When I work with clients, the very first thing I do is get to know them, so I can get a sense of their own unique style. Am I working with a power couple that wants a sleek and simple home or a retired couple that wants something warm, welcoming, and more traditional? I call this my Lifestyle Design approach. When I “get” my clients, I can propose a plan for the home that will naturally eliminate a lot of finish choices that don’t fit who my clients are.

2.       Figure Out What You Love

The easiest way to get [...]

Fabrics, Fabrics, Fabrics! How To Choose Fabrics For Your Home

The right fabric combination in a room delights your sense of touch and sight. It also creates harmony within the room and fits the functional needs of your family. When I start digging into interior design brainstorming sessions with my clients, topics like colors and lighting pop up almost immediately. Don’t forget about fabrics! The cool, smooth feel of leather makes a room feel very different than the warm and soft embrace of microfiber. Here are few tips for choosing fabrics in your home:

Understanding Fabrics

The first thing you need to understand is that when I speak of fabrics, I am typically referring to textiles made from fibers. In some cases, I may expand the idea of fabrics to include non-fiber compositions that can play the same role as fibers. For instance, leather is not a fabric, but it can cover a couch just like microfiber can.

You use fabrics all over your home, whether you realize it or not. You may have a fabric couch or living room set. I bet your curtains are made of fabric and so are the sheets and comforter in your master bedroom. Carpeting is also fabric, as are the throws on the couch and your pillow cases. Fabrics are a big part of your home and deserve ample consideration during an interior redesign.


A well-designed room greets the senses on a variety of levels. It is not enough for something to just look good from a distance; it should also feel good to the touch. We interact with the fabrics in our homes more than we might realize. Have you ever taken off your shoes and enjoyed how your toes sink into plus new carpet? Have you wrapped yourself [...]