Gorgeous and Eco-Friendly – Why You Should Consider Reclaimed Wood for Your Home

A lot of wood from the United States is now grown in sustainable commercial forests, but there is also tons of beautiful wood that ends up in our landfills every day. There’s no need for all this lovely and completely functional material to go to waste! Reclaimed wood is a hot new commodity in the interior designer circles, and you should consider it for your home too!

Reclaimed wood can give your home tons of personality. Every beam has its own unique character, with distress marks, edges, and coloring that can’t be mass produced. Instead, your reclaimed wood will make your home one-of-a-kind.

Reclaimed wood can be used in all sorts of different fashions in your home. If you’ve always dreamed of wooden floors, then consider reclaimed wood. You can also give your home a rustic feel by adding wood beams to your ceiling. You can even make counters, a dining room table, or shelves out of reclaimed wood. Heck, why not use the leftover scraps to make some cool picture frames?

Wood always adds a lot of warmth to a home. It seems to attract sunlight and give you a touch of the beautiful outdoors even when you are sitting on your couch in air conditioned bliss. Reclaimed wood also gives your home a comfy, lived-in feel where it’s okay to touch the walls and flop into an easy chair to read an old book.

When you choose reclaimed wood, you are saving a perfectly good resource and giving it a second life. Instead of taking new trees from the ground, you can re-use what’s already available with just as good results. The difference in each piece of wood creates its own splendor [...]

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Five Tips To Choosing The Right Finishes In Your Remodeled Home

As an interior designer, one of my favorite parts of the design process is sitting down with a client and helping them pick out the different finishes for their kitchen, bath, or full home remodel. Sometimes it can be like letting a kid loose into a candy store. In other instance, a client may feel a little stressed. If you’ve ever walked through a Home Depot and looked at a seemingly endless row of door knobs, you can understand how making a decision on all the different finishes of a room or a home can feel overwhelming. During a remodel, a homeowner may have to choose dozens of different finishes, including doors, molding, flooring, lighting, cabinets, countertops, appliance…and even doorknobs. The homeowner has thousands of different options to choose from in every category.

So, how can you be the happy kid in a candy store and make the right finishing decisions? Here are five tips to help you pick the perfect home remodel finishes:

1.       Start With A Plan

Your finishes don’t just exist in a void. In a well-designed home, every finish contributes to a larger design scheme. When I work with clients, the very first thing I do is get to know them, so I can get a sense of their own unique style. Am I working with a power couple that wants a sleek and simple home or a retired couple that wants something warm, welcoming, and more traditional? I call this my Lifestyle Design approach. When I “get” my clients, I can propose a plan for the home that will naturally eliminate a lot of finish choices that don’t fit who my clients are.

2.       Figure Out What You Love

The easiest way to get [...]

Timeless Interior Design For Your Home

As a professional interior designer, I am often asked about the latest and greatest design trends. Many homeowners I meet want to make sure their home doesn’t look old or out of touch. My answer to them is always the same – great design never goes out of style. When you create an environment that supports your values, it can never get old.

The Little Black Dress

When it comes to designing a particular room, my suggestion is that simple is often better. Think of your room like a little black dress.

A sophisticated lady will almost certainly have a little black dress hanging in her closet. This elegant dress is a beautiful as it is simple. A little black dress never goes out of style, and a few accessories can make this dress perfect for any occasion. You can dress it down with a jacket, boots, and scarf to hang out at a wine bar with friends. For a high-end dinner, throw on some heels and add diamond earrings for a classy look. The black dress reflects its accessories, so you can make a hundred or even a thousand different statements, using just this one, darling dress as the centerpiece.

Think of your room in the same way. You want to purchase big pieces that are simple and elegant, and that you can live with for years to come. You don’t need to get crazy with paint colors, or buy an expensive, flamboyant sectional set. Make the big pieces of your room timeless like that little black dress, so that you never risk falling out of love with your room. When you get the itch to update, then it’s time to accessorize.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

When the bones of [...]

Choosing Astounding Focal Points For Your Home

Have you ever walked into a room filled with knick-knacks on every shelf, pictures nailed over every inch of the walls and loud-colored furniture? I bet you felt a little overwhelmed or bowled over by all the different visual stimuli competing for your attention.

In art class, you probably learned about a concept called a “focal point”. It’s the object or space within a painting or drawing an artist wants to lead the eye. In some paintings, the focal point is obvious. A painting of a red apple will draw your eye right to the crimson fruit. In other cases, the focal point is more subtle. The way the artist has drawn the lines will lead your gaze through a crowd of people to land on one special individual.

When decorating your home, you are the artist, and it is your job to guide the eyes of guests or even yourself (since you will be entering each room often). Resist the temptation to splash the room with lots of loud, large objects (unless that is your personal style). Decorating doesn’t mean you need to fill every space or dump a lot of expensive items into a room. Often, less is more. If you add one or two strong visual pieces, your guests will have the space to really connect with and appreciate the pieces.

One method of designing a room is to choose one vibrant, captivating focal point. This can be anything. Maybe it is a stunning painting over the fireplace or a wall painted in a rich sapphire hue. Maybe it is an ivory furniture set surrounded by dark, chestnut accents. A focal point can be anything with a unique color, shape, image or size.

Here are [...]

What Story Does Your Home Tell?

Ever wonder why our ancient ancestors painted buffalos, horses and stick figures on the walls of their caves? It’s the same reason we hang family photos in the hallway, place books on the coffee table and paint the back wall of the dining room magenta.

We all have a personal story to tell. This isn’t a linear story with a beginning, middle and end. It’s a story about ourselves. A true home isn’t four walls and a ceiling; it is a mirror, reflecting the tastes, style and voice of its occupants.

As an interior designer, my job is to help my clients tell their story through the medium of their home. This might seem like an odd concept, but just flip through the pages of the nearest home design book (or type “Interior Design” into the Pinterest search bar) and you’ll see how each room tells its unique story.

There are so many ways to tell your story. You tell it with the colors you choose for the room, the way you place your furniture, the materials that you use, even how you focus the light in the room. Of course, then there are all the accessories!

Do you have an elegant and refined soul? Then consider leather furniture for the living room, minimal clutter, soft lighting and perhaps one large piece of art on the wall to draw the eye.

If you were made to sing, dance and share your bubbly personality with the world, you might prefer warm greens, even yellows for the walls, big, comfortable furniture, a brightly-patterned rug, and lots of shelves and cabinets to display all the knick-knacks you’ve gathered on your travels.

If something is missing when you walk through the kitchen, living room [...]

How Design Can Create Mood In Your Home

Décor has an incredible ability to affect a person’s mood. If you don’t believe me, head down to the nearest high-end spa and sit in the waiting room for a few minutes. You’ll immediately feel nourished by the soft pastel colors around you. The nature sounds wafting from the speakers will put you at ease, while your eyes will rest lovingly on a peaceful fountain in the center of the room. Ahhhh, I can feel the knots in my shoulders loosening already.

When it’s time to decorate or redecorate your home, give some thought to the mood you want the room to ignite. Maybe you want your living area to be cheerful or peaceful or warm. Perhaps your office should be soothing…no, no, lively and energetic instead. Should your bedroom be comfortable, sensual or maybe a little bit of both?

The mood you want to create will determine many different aspects of the room, including:


Colors have a well-researched ability to inspire moods and emotions in humans. Warm colors, like yellow, red and orange, call to mind energy, friendship and passion. You might want to consider warm colors as accents in an office or exercise room where you want to turn the energy up. Cooler colors, like blues, purples and greens, are soothing and relaxing. These are great accents for a bedroom or a bathroom. After a hard day of work, you’ll love resting your eyes on soft shades of turquoise or olive as you sink into a toe-curling bubble bath.


Ever wonder why so many restaurants dim their lights? Soft lighting helps inspire feelings of intimacy and relaxation that make the dining experience a little more special. When you compare this with the harsh institutional lighting of, [...]

Fabrics, Fabrics, Fabrics! How To Choose Fabrics For Your Home

The right fabric combination in a room delights your sense of touch and sight. It also creates harmony within the room and fits the functional needs of your family. When I start digging into interior design brainstorming sessions with my clients, topics like colors and lighting pop up almost immediately. Don’t forget about fabrics! The cool, smooth feel of leather makes a room feel very different than the warm and soft embrace of microfiber. Here are few tips for choosing fabrics in your home:

Understanding Fabrics

The first thing you need to understand is that when I speak of fabrics, I am typically referring to textiles made from fibers. In some cases, I may expand the idea of fabrics to include non-fiber compositions that can play the same role as fibers. For instance, leather is not a fabric, but it can cover a couch just like microfiber can.

You use fabrics all over your home, whether you realize it or not. You may have a fabric couch or living room set. I bet your curtains are made of fabric and so are the sheets and comforter in your master bedroom. Carpeting is also fabric, as are the throws on the couch and your pillow cases. Fabrics are a big part of your home and deserve ample consideration during an interior redesign.


A well-designed room greets the senses on a variety of levels. It is not enough for something to just look good from a distance; it should also feel good to the touch. We interact with the fabrics in our homes more than we might realize. Have you ever taken off your shoes and enjoyed how your toes sink into plus new carpet? Have you wrapped yourself [...]