Defining Your Vision and Bringing It To Life!

You probably have a pretty decent idea of what kind of space you would want to live in. You might know what colors you love, how you would like it to feel and how comfortable you would like it to be. Yet some of the details may be hard to see and blurred.

Beth Bynon Interiors is about clarifying those details to bring your unique vision into focus. There will be options presented that you didn’t even know existed! Perhaps, you never realized how big your room could feel or how easy it could be to use your kitchen and how it affects your dinner guests. You have a vision, and my firm is here to help you achieve it… Right down to the last detail!

Interior Design Services

Design Conception

Beth Bynon Interiors, takes the time to get to know each client, personally, through one-on-one conversations. She listens to your visions of what you want your space to be – both functionally and aesthetically. Then she brings your dream space to life, right down to the smallest details.

Space Planning, Drawings & Renderings:

We start by going to the drawing board…quite literally. We draw floor plans and furniture layouts that will help you imagine your new space. Whether you are remodeling or just re-arranging furniture, our drawings are detailed and will always reflect what you have communicated to us.

Selection of Furnishings & Finishes

We will help you make choices from furniture and flooring to paint colors and window coverings. We work primarily with “to the trade” sources such as The Laguna Design Center – all of which offer options you won’t find in retail settings. We sell to you at wholesale plus a percentage, which can save you hundreds of dollars.


Give us a budget, and we’ll stick to it. In fact, we enjoy the constraints of a budget because it helps us get creative. Or, maybe you’re flexible, and you want to get some different options for a room or a remodel. We’ll show you what we can do for different price points.


We source all of our furnishings, finishes, fabrics, and accessories from some of the best suppliers in the country, providing the best quality for your budget. We work with great suppliers with great reputations.

Construction Assistance, Fabrication of Specialty Items & Design Execution:

We are happy to help coordinate the construction of your project as well as the fabrication of your specialty items. We work with some of the best trades professionals in the San Diego area or we can work with your favorite craftsman. Beth Bynon Interiors executes every design to an exacting standard. Every fabric, every color, every object—all of these come together to complement each other down to the last detail. The result is greater than the sum of its parts, completely revitalizing a space.

A Specialist in Universal Design

BBD.id_homeUniversal Design is a design concept that means a building, room, or environment is equally accessible to all. Whether it’s some one with no present physical limitations, an older person utilizing a walker or a three year old…design concepts should accommodate everyone.

Universal Design used to be bland and boring, but with beautiful and amazing new products continually streaming into the market, that picture has changed. Beth encourages all of her clients to design brand new spaces as well as remodels utilizing Universal Design. Curb-less showers are beautiful and functional for everyone. Multiple counter heights add an element of interest as well as utility for all. Wider doorways can accommodate easier moving of furniture as well as a wheelchair. Home elevators…the sky’s the limit!

If you are aging, and who isn’t? you might like to stay in your home but know it needs redesigning to fit your needs. Design for Life enables people to stay in their homes, living independently, for as long as possible. Beth understands the requirements for “Aging-in-Place” and is able to specify those design needs in accordance with builders and contractors. She understands and anticipates present and future needs of her clients and she accommodates those need into her designs.

Beth Bynon Interiors can also help you if you decide to downsize instead of staying in your home. If you are moving from a big and beautiful five-bedroom home to a two-bedroom home or condo, it can be hard to know what goes with you to your new space and how to organize it. We can help you with those decisions. You will be amazed by what is possible with a bit of expertise!