Our Interior Design Process

Bringing an interior designer on to a project is like adding a member to your family. Our most important job is coming to understand your vision, your values, and your needs. Without this understanding, you would never trust someone to redesign your home.

Beth Bynon Interiors, a San Diego Interior Design Firm makes sure your needs are met each and every step of the way

Here’s what the interior design process looks like:


Beth Bynon InteriorsThe Initial Consultation

The initial consultation of 1 to 2 hours involves Beth Bynon walking through the space and discussing your vision with you. She’ll ask you questions about your lifestyle, your typical use of the space, your entertaining needs, physical considerations, and more. And, you can begin to describe your dream space, with the help of Beth’s recommendations and creative input. This is when Beth begins to get to know you and try to understand exactly what kind of space you’d really love.

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Project Evaluation & Scope:

Based on the initial consultation, Beth begins drawing up a plan for the space. She determines the scope of the project, according to your desires, and then starts to decide on the particulars. What will need to be changed and what will stay? Will we be changing the flooring or just the furniture? The scope of the project will also take into consideration any budget requirements you’ve already discussed with Beth.



3.Floorplan Beth Bynon InteriorsFloorplan and Space Considerations:

Once we’ve agreed on a proposal, Beth Bynon Interiors gets to work making a layout of each room. We begin by thinking about space needs: how will someone move through a space? Will you be entertaining in the space? How big should the furniture pieces be? With these basic questions answered, we can decide exactly how the floorplan will look.




4 Colors and Fabrics Beth Bynon InteriorsColors and Fabrics:

Colors and fabrics define the mood of a room. The color scheme needs to be something that you love each and every time you walk into the room. And, that might mean that it’s something you don’t even notice. Fabrics need to be high quality, they need to last, and they need to create a tactile effect in the room. At this stage, we answer the question, How do you want the room to feel?



5.Sourcing Beth Bynon InteriorsSourcing:

With all the designs in place, we begin sourcing the materials, furniture and accessories. For each item, we submit product details and photos for your approval. If we have samples of the products, we invite you to see them in person. Everything gets your okay before it is purchased.




6.Purchasing Beth Bynon InteriorsOrdering / Purchasing:

With your approvals, we purchase everything for the design in a timely manner. We aim for a 90-days-or-less turnaround time, even for special-order items. We offer safe warehousing for the items that arrive before they can be installed.





7.Construction.Beth Bynon InteriorsConstruction Assistance, Fabrication of Specialty Items and Design Execution:

Beth Bynon Interiors actually plays the role of the orchestra director by determining the overall aesthetic and planning of the space. Once that is accomplished we rely on the experts, the specialists. We will provide a list of contractors for the client to contact to perform any required construction. We let you make your own choice of whom you would like to work with and you contract with them directly. Then we all work together as a team.



8.Installation Beth Bynon Interiors copyInstallation:

Once the space is ready, we install the furniture, window treatments, and accessories. Paying close attention to detail, we make sure that everything is placed just right to bring a unity and beauty to the entirety.





9.Finishing Touches Beth Bynon InteriorsFinishing Touches:

Before you enter the ‘finished’ room, we add the little details that make the design spark to life – whether it’s finding the perfect bottle of wine to enjoy in your new kitchen or the right book to place on the nightstand. We walk through the space a number of times making sure that when you enter your new space you’ll experience the magic of perfection.