A Luxury Retreat In Your Own Home

BBD-bathroom.interior.design.06Bathrooms have a utilitarian purpose, but they can also be retreats into relaxation, self-care, and well-deserved pampering. If you’ve ever slid into a deep tub of foaming water, enjoyed your own sink and counter space, or simply felt like your bathroom was disconnected from the noisy hub-bub of the world outside, then you understand the potential power of this room.

You don’t have to check into a five-star hotel to enjoy a truly luxurious bathroom experience. I can help turn your current master bath into your personal sanctuary, polish up a second bath, and make your guest bath more inviting and charming.

My lifestyle design approach to bathrooms seeks to discover your personal values and then create a bathroom that reflects and supports those values. If you love spending time with a good book or decompressing after a long work week, I can create a bathroom that beckons you into a cozy bubble bath or a relaxing shower. If you and your partner recognize that sometimes a little space is a good thing for a relationship, I can add extra storage space, expand countertops, install two sinks and even build in a new vanity just for her.

Remodeling and Redesigning Your Bathroom

Many bathroom redesigns also incorporate remodeling. I am happy to recommend reliable and experienced sub-contractors that I’ve worked with before. I can also work with the remodeling contractor of your choosing and even help manage the remodeling project. When all is said and done, your bathroom will be a place you love to linger.