Beth 6-12-14-1A Home Uniquely You. Good interior design is much more than creating a beautiful home. The look of your home needs to be congruent with who you are or you will end up feeling like you live inside an impersonal magazine spread. At Beth Bynon Interior Design, the goal of my team is to use the philosophy of Lifestyle Design to create a timeless look that will always be You. We don’t get distracted by the latest trends. We choose a more thoughtful and deliberate approach to designing environments that homeowners can live in and enjoy. Great design fits you!

Passion For Every Project – About Beth Bynon: After 15 years working as a psychotherapist, I finally decided to let my creative side out and launched Beth Bynon Interior Design in 2005. Each day I continue to refine my aesthetic style and explore new ways of expressing the personalities of my clients through interior design. My education and experience in the field of psychology helps me get to the heart of each client’s needs so that my design recommendations can reflect their true values. My clients tell me that I am a great listener and provide them with a warm, caring, and supportive sounding board. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working on a wide variety of interior design projects, including comprehensive design/build projects, complete home rehabs, and singularly focused furnishing and décor overhauls. I often work hand-in-hand with architects, builders, and contractors.

Beth’s Interior Design Philosophy: My design philosophy is simple: Unpretentious, Fun, and Fresh. My goal is to help my clients articulate their values and to create an interior design that will support those values. To do this, I blend texture, color, and patterns to create smart and soulful surroundings. I enjoy mixing high and low elements, rough and polished surfaces, and classic and irreverent accessories. Oftentimes my interiors are classic at their core, but injected with of-the-moment elements to add personality and energy. I love combining vintage, custom, and antique pieces to create a look I have dubbed “cultured irreverence.”

My process is collaborative, and I work with my clients not only to accompany us but to guide us toward our intentional goal—a setting that reflects the values, sensibilities, lifestyle and intelligence of the people who inhabit it.

Beth’s Personal Design Advice To Homeowners: When designing your home, do at least one thing your mother wouldn’t. Reference the past but don’t repeat it. Use patterns and colors passionately and be open to something new. Every home should have at least one thing from a flea market to make it truly unique. Traditional designs need not be boring. God’s neutral is green, and fresh flowers are a room’s best accessory. No great room was ever designed without taking a risk. If your neighbors are doing it, you probably shouldn’t.

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