I first sat down with my new clients, Amanda and Rick to discuss their vision for their home, my biggest priority was to help them determine the unique design–style that best captured the their lifestyle. Having a home that is simply beautiful doesn’t necessarily make it livable or really feel like home. So, I asked Amanda and Rick, “What do you value most in life?” The answer to this question acted as a guide for all my design recommendations.

Amanda told me that she is a down-to-earth girl who could easily live a simple life in the country with dogs and horses. Rick explained that he values his freedom, so it was important to him that my design didn’t require tons of maintenance and was pet friendly. They both wanted a home that didn’t take itself too seriously, and didn’t insist others remove their shoes or feel bad if they spilled a drink. Amanda also loves conversation…the really deep kind of conversations you can share with a few lifetime friends over a glass of wine. Rick also told me that he values alone time.

After listening to the couple tell me about their values, I knew just the design style for them. I suggested a home style I call Modern Farmhouse. This style would create a relaxingly elegant home environment with layers that unfolded gradually, with a classic “looks as if it’s always been there” kind of feel.

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