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In an age when everyone can buy the same loveseat and find all the same accessories online, we have reached the point where the only thing that distinguishes our home are the details. Today, uniqueness has become the ultimate luxury. 

My interior design practice is built upon the concept of Lifestyle + Design, which means that I customize your home to tell your story and to represent your core values. Before I even touch a paint swatch or take out my measuring tape, I first want to learn who you are and what you care about. Your values guide my vision and help me create a home environment tailored to you. I often like to use the objects that have meaning to you in my design scheme, such as artifacts brought back from your trip to Rome, the sculpture given to you by a dear friend, that interesting door found in a flea market, etc…

The result is much more than the clinical, cold beauty of a home in a magazine spread. Rather, Lifestyle + Design is a thoughtful, deliberate, and timeless approach that reflects and supports your extraordinary life.

Beth Bynon
Beth BynonInterior Designer

Lifestyle Design

A home’s true beauty comes from its ability to express the unique spirit of its owners. Lifestyle + Design is an approach built upon identifying and reflecting the homeowners’ core values. When you walk through the front door, what says home sweet home to you? That is what I want to capture for you.Learn More

Meet Beth

Beth Bynon is a professional interior designer who works with homeowners throughout San Diego and Orange County who want their home to reflect their unique life story. Beth’s designs are elegant, comfortable, and timeless.  She works with hectic professionals, couples looking to design their dream home, retirees ready for a big home makeover, and many other homeowners. Her designs have appeared in Better Homes And Gardens, San Diego Home/Garden, This Old House, Creative Home, Dream Bedrooms, Small Room Decorating, and other publications.Learn More

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